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2010 (Continued)

The Big Fog of 2010

White Handlebar

Around the Block

MINI Invasion

Hull, Gatineau, Québec

Time to go home

2 days at the Park Tool School

Random bike #11 - Cautious commuter

Canada Day

Broken Digital Negatives

Bike repainting, graphically speaking

Random bike #10 - An elegant extension

Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival

Toronto Zoo

The butcher down the road

Seating for two

Random bike #9 - The Bike Arch

Twilight at the Hanlon Conservation Area

Hammond Museum of Radio

Boing! (Yes, that'd be the sound of spring)

Incandescent Light Bulbs

A BBQ graphs

Random bike #8 - BIXI sharing system

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

Summer-izing the bike

The Thaw

Ice Cave

Moving files from my Canon 20D

Mini in a Park

Even more snow

Just enough snow

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