The Colosseum

Posted on September 5, 2012

The Colosseum as viewed from (IMO) best angle with less tendency for lens distortion and no obstacles. The marble façade originally encircled the ampitheatre. Half was quarried away over the centuries leaving both ends reinforced with bricks

Inside the Colosseum with a third of the arena reconstructed covering the hypogeum below, a dungeon housing gladiators, animals and props

A mosaic depicting a fight between two women and a tiger. The woman on the right appeared to have won (a “V” is shown next to her) while the tiger perished. No indication as to what happened to the other woman, however

A clear demarcation can be seen on this detail of the façade. To the left, decades of soot from automobile emissions have completely blackened the surface while the original, though weathered, white marble can be seen on the right