Venice at Night

Posted on August 5, 2012

A view of the Grand Canal from Ponte degli Scalzi with the San Simeone Piccolo visible to the left and railroad to the right.

You’re never more than a few steps away from water in Venice, making the city an ideal place to capture nighttime cityscapes. Distinctly Venetian, centuries old buildings line the canals, providing an ideal backdrop for photographs of streetlight painted waterways. Late dining Italians further add a sense of dynamism to these accurate portraits of Venetian vitality.

A northeastern view of the Grand Canal from Ponte degli Scalzi.

View of Fondamenta Monastero S. Croce.

Outdoor dining served next to the Grand Canal, with Ponte di Rialto visible in the background.

View of the Grand Canal from Ponte di Rialto.

Tourists (that includes me) jockeyed for a spot at the top of Ponte di Rialto to get a good shot of the Grand Canal. Waiting time was 5 minutes.