Toronto Zoo

Posted on May 24, 2010

Flamingos near the Mayan Temple Ruin, in the Americas section

Going to the Toronto Zoo on Saturday was a gamble. Weather forecasts varied from a definite rainstorm a week prior to low chances of rain on Saturday morning. In the end, we found that enjoying the zoo was best done without a huge crowd, which the weather certainly played a role in controlling.

The zoo is divided into 7 geographically divided sections: Indo-Malaya, African Savanna, Canadian Domain, Americas, Tundra Trek (which is relatively new), Eurasia, and a section tailored for kids.

Map of Toronto ZooMap of Toronto Zoo. The 7 divisions are color coded: yellow for African Savanna, green for Canadian Domain, dark blue for Americas, light blue for Tundra, orange for Eurasia, brown for the Discovery Zone, and olive for Indo-Malaya.

Zebras in the Savanna section

Baboons in the Savanna section

Giraffes Savanna section

Peacocks roamed free all over the zoo.

Peacocks roamed free all over the zoo

Canadian lynx in the Canadian section

Snowy Owl in the Tundra section

Tree Kangaroo in the Australasia section

My favourite was the Australasia Pavillion - specifically the Great Barrier Reef. It brings no doubt how mesmerizing scuba diving is.