The morning commute

Posted on October 1, 2008

My bike commute takes me from downtown Guelph to Guelph South, about 10km away. I start off by riding down Wyndham Street all the way to Wellington Rd, going under the rail bridge near the VIA Rail station.

I usually turn right into Wellington and then a left to Gordon. Sometimes I'll take a detour through a trail right next to Eramosa River. Surrounded by trees and the morning dew on them, it smelled refreshing.

At the Eramosa-Speed River confluence, sunlight evaporated the water, which quickly cooled down in the cold air to form seductive mists.

Near The Boathouse in early morning. Calm waters formed a misty mirror.

Taking a long detour, I found myself winding through the Royal City Park, then crossing back onto the north bank on McRae Boulevard.

My bike getting its photo op amongst the garden greeneries on the north bank.

Next comes the Gordon Street Ascent, a steep thoroughfare that all University of Guelph student-cyclists living closer to downtown have to overcome every day. Lots of traffic at that time too.

There are 3 approaches to conquer the slope. Cycle fast, beat everyone and feel like Lance Armstrong. Slow down, take your time, use a low gear, enjoy the scenery. Or just dismount and push up. I always pick the second approach, as cycling any faster over this slope will make me sweat like a pig.

At the intersection of Gordon and College, going through University of Guelph. The road runs slightly downhill here, a respite from the long climb just moments ago.

Gordon and Stone. Stone generally marks the southern boundary of the University, and where most cyclists disappear.

Gordon and all the way south. Bike lanes disappear, and won't reappear until Edinburgh.

Getting close to work. On Clair Road, I couldn't help but stop and take a photograph of this tree. It could be posing to me.

Going into the industrial heartland of Guelph South. I fell about 100m behind on my first bike commute in months.

And here's a look back on the same spot.

...where in 8 hours, I shall see it again.