Shanghai, China

Posted on October 11, 2009

Shanghai Pudong district at nightShanghai Pudong district at night.

Shanghai - a city under construction in a grand scale. Hosting the 2010 World Expo, the city is undergoing a major facelift as 70 million visitors are expected to attend the 6 month exhibition.

Behind a dragon's head on a night river cruiseBehind a dragon's head attached to a night river cruise ship along the Huangpu River.

Shanghai MuseumShanghai Museum's south entrance

Inside Shanghai MuseumInside Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Expo 2010 Chinese pavillionThe Chinese pavillion for the 2010 Expo completing

Lupu bridge in ShanghaiLupu Bridge, the world's longest arch bridge, connecting both sides of Shanghai

Xujiahui at nightNight scene near Xujiahui's commercial district, Shanghai

Oriental Pearl TowerThe Oriental Pearl Tower, with decorations for the 60th national day celebrations.

Pudong Central Business DistrictThe Central Business District in Pudong, where most financial institutions reside.

Dense residential towersDense residential towers meet housing demands in Shanghai.

Oriental Pearl Tower glass floorLooking down through the glass floor on Oriental Pearl Tower's Sightseeing floor (263m above ground)

1930s ShanghaiScale model replica of Shaighai in the 1930's, located in a museum at the ground floor of the Oriental Pearl Tower.