Ribfest Guelph 2011

Posted on August 28, 2011

The entrance to Guelph Ribfest 2011

On the last weekend of every August, a great many people from Guelph and surrounding area converge on a three-day festival of indulgence – of racks of ribs, seared on grills engulfed in charcoal fire; of deep fried flour topped with syrup and sugar; of oven baked corn dipped in molten butter, soaking the few napkins that hold the edible contraption in a majestic upright position.

It was an event no mere mortal could resist. An event I, a mere mortal, could only oblige and go.

A vendor at the ribfest, serving fried everything topped with sweet anythingWhat you want fried – cheese cakes, pickles, banana, chocolate, even butter – they can provide. Feel free to top them with any combination of ice cream, berries, M&Ms, syrup, honey and caramel.

Boss Hogs stallNot shy to advertise what they are, the champions of last year’s Guelph Ribfest (and in ribfests of other cities) made it loud and clear where the center of the universe ought to be.

A well-organized event will attempt to maximize the efficiency in every process, including waste management. The waste and recycling station made it clear where each type of waste goes. The rib bones may very well be the inaugural guests at Guelph’s new organic waste processing facility.

Locally bottled Nestle water bottles will get no love from this event as reusable water bottles are sold at the festival drink station.

On the brighter and more colorful side of things, there is a fun slide for kids and adults alike – although I’ve seen many adults getting stuck midway.