Ribfest Guelph

Posted on August 26, 2008

Rotary Club of Guelph-Trillium hosted the 2008 Guelph Ribfest from August 22 to 24. Crowds were thinner this year, possibly due to higher gas prices. It still smelled the same.

Jas' favourite ribber last year did not show up this time. We had to randomly pick one. We went by the signs to see which one had more fancy claims...

We chose the Bad Wolf because... well, it was bright yellow.

A surprise was the Bloomin' Onions, which had a reaaaally long queue - longer than any ribber's.

I ordered a serving of onion and four bottles of water. They gave me a number to hold onto.

It was well worth the wait! The onion looked delicious. It tasted wonderful. They were like onion rings, only better.

Ribs and onion rings - the perfect couple.

After feasting on two-and-a-half racks of ribs shared among the four of us, we laid down and listened to some music...

Day turned into night, with dusk filling in - the best time to take pictures. I excused myself and walked around taking the more pictures around the festival.

The Bad Wolf booth at twilight

Entrance to the rides

A mini roller coaster

Rock climbing