Ipoh, Sam Po Tong
and the highway

Posted on June 17, 2009

My sis and I went on a roadtrip to Ipoh, Perak, to see our grandmother.

The day started on a low note.

The weather improved within an hour.

An exit to Cameron Highlands, where I will go very soon.

“CAUTION: Police Inspection”. Few speeding drivers were pulled over.

We were to meet our grandmother at a landmark in Ipoh, Sam Po Tong (Cavern of Three Precious), at noon. The temple was tucked behind two other cavern-based temples. The first was Ling Sen Tong.

Sam Po Tong, a five-minute walk down the road, is reknown for its garden landscaping.

An elaborated arch welcomes visitors and worshippers to the cavern.

At noon, we met our grandmother. We had lunch at a restaurant called Tin Juen (Tian Jin in Mandarin).

After lunch, we went back to our grandmother's home and talked. A few hours later, we bid our farewells, hit the road back to Petaling Jaya, wondering when the next visit will be...