Guelph Ice
Skating Rink Opens

Posted on February 20, 2012

A crowd gathered in front of the a stage where Mayor Karen Farbridge gave her opening speech, which the crowd received with muffled, though enthusiastic, applause.

A girl checks out the complimentary mittens she received for contributing to the fundraising efforts, also known as the “Rink Rats”.

A toddler sits atop the concrete benches on the edge of the skating rink, itself adorned with whom the rink was dedicated to. Part of the funding for this rink came from the Nicholas Lambden Memorial Children’s Foundation.

The pavilion that houses a resting area, lockers, bathrooms, water fountains and with a few bugs worked out, a Zamboni.

Lockers located within the pavilion serves to make skating as convenient as possible.

Non-skaters huddle together in the comfort of heated air and afternoon sunshine as they enjoyed the view out into the skating rink.

View of Carden Street shops from within the pavilion.