Guelph cycling map available

Posted on October 21, 2008

Preview of Guelph's bicycle-friendly map

In an effort to increase the share of cycling as a mode transportion in Guelph, the City has published a cycling map (PDF, 1MB) through its bicycle-friendly initiative. Hard copies will be available in a few weeks.

The map marks where the cycling lanes and bike shops are, along with roads that are bicycle friendly. It even has indicators where the hills are! Impressive.

While the map serves as an informative guide to plan a regular commute, a trial ride on a bicycle or a car is still recommended. Left turns can be tricky on a bicycle; the back of the map (PDF, 2MB) shows the "vehicular" way to do it.

Less unnerving methods include making three right turns, or dismounting and walking on pedestrian crosswalks.

(notified via the Mayor's blog)