Basket of Bliss

Posted on February 13, 2009

Ski goggles, balaclava and lobster mitts stuck into a helmet

A delightful ensemble adorned with balaclava, lobster mittens and tinted ski goggles in a crash-resistant headgear. An ideal gift for the winter two-wheeled commuter looking to eliminate skin exposure.

Porous for its thick-threaded origins, the Crimean-named breathable sheath resists winds and provides high levels of heat insulation. Observations of ice accumulation at engine exhausts are common.

Ice forming on the balaclava, formed from the condensation of breath

Keep the engine running smoothly even on the dullest overcast days with a premium band of chromatic enhancer.

Don’t forget to finish off the top with ample crumple zone to prepare for the unfortunate moments.

Available at your LBS.