Aww, stuck again.

Posted on March 26, 2011

With the path ahead unclear, it’s bound to happen.

There may not be much you can work with if you look back.

One moment, the path seems clear.

Yet a gust of wind could challenge what you hold certain.

You’ll always have to wonder just how thick the ice you’re about to step on is.

The journey will not be straightforward.

You may never know what you’ve gotten yourself into.

But if you dig deeper, there may be some ground to stand on after all.

You may never figure out which direction you’re heading.

But if you look up, the shape of the sky may just remind you of where you are.

Learn how your perspectives limit what you see.

Who knows? If you spin it well enough, a head of disheveled balaclava hair may just be simply “edgy”.