Around Xi'an

Posted on April 27, 2014

The Bell Tower of Xi'an with the pedestrian underpass seen in the foreground.

The Bell Tower of Xi'an sitting in the middle of a busy traffic circle in the middle of the city.

The Drum Tower of Xi'an as seen from the north.

Bread rolls sold at the Muslim quarter of Xi'an.

Shoppers at the Muslim quarters, a street with many names but most commonly known as Huiminjie (回民街).

Spent meat skewers amassed over the day on the North Street.

A woman sits near the walls of Xi'an.

Replica buildings of Huaqing Pool, constructed to protect the remains of the imperial bathhouse.

The main Terracotta Army pit, containing the main infantry army.

Detail of a Terracotta soldier. All Terracotta Army pieces found are found shattered and are painstakingly pieced together by hand.

Pit 3 of the Terracotta Army, thought to be the command post.