Snaps from the winter

January 7, 2009

In the corner of Wellington and Gordon in Guelph, near sunset, with a long shadow of me taking picture of snow in front

It’s been a really, really busy season for me and it won’t be any different in the next few weeks. Here I am squeezing in a little photography while I can…

Very heavy snow leading out of the East Parkade parking lot in Guelph, a narrow path carved out by the snow plowA narrow path carved out by a sidewalk snowplough leading out of East Parkade.

Icicles forming on the windows of a veterinarian officeIcicles form on windows outside an animal hospital.

A jewelry store in downtown GuelphAmbient light shining through the windows of a jewellery store reflect softly on a thin layer of snow.

Another jewelry store in downtown Guelph

The exceptional Guelph Transit system continues to run despite adverse driving conditionsGuelph Transit continued to provide an exceptional service despite adverse weather conditions.

A snow plow clears the way for buses that gather here in St. George Square every 20 minutesA snowplough clears the way for buses that gather in St. George Square every 20 minutes.

The sun ready to retire for the dayThe sun ready to retire for the day.

The Bear (as Geulph Greyhound riders would refer to) dressed up in Santa costume in preparation for the season“The Bear”, as Guelphites riding on Greyhound usually calls it, dresses up for the season.

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Summer City Street Party

The butcher down the road

Downtown Guelph Last Friday

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