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2011 (Continued)

Canada Day 2011

Doors Open Guelph 2011

Aww, stuck again.

Please, have a seat.

A few flakes

Scenes of Winter


Cayo Blanco, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

A catamaran trip in Cuba

The push carts of Varadero beach

Varadero, Cuba

The Big Fog of 2010

White Handlebar

Around the Block

MINI Invasion

Hull, Gatineau, Québec

Time to go home

2 days at the Park Tool School

Random bike #11 - Cautious commuter

Canada Day

Broken Digital Negatives

Bike repainting, graphically speaking

Random bike #10 - An elegant extension

Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival

Toronto Zoo

The butcher down the road

Seating for two

Random bike #9 - The Bike Arch

Twilight at the Hanlon Conservation Area

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